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Hello! Welcome to the poetry forum. As lovers of Sylvia Plath, Robert Frost, Shel Silverstein, Walt Whitman and others, we've created a way for us to share our poetry, both out loud in videos and in writing.
If you're interested in participating, either create a video of you (or someone else if you want) speaking your poetry out loud, or type your poem onto your computer. Then share it with us over Google Drive or email it to us at goldenagespoetry@gmail.com, along with your preferred publishing name (or pseudonym if you prefer) and blog name if you'd like recognition there.
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Table of contents:
1) Untitled - Ren Brian
2) Time - A.H.
3) Blank Page - Chloe Geddes

1 - Untitled by Ren Brian at stardust and cynicism

Late winter 
close to midnight and
All I can think about is you 
And how you told me you’ve never seen sparkling Utah snow
And how I told you how i’ve never seen Kansas…um…corn?
And I’m
Standing in the dead center of an ice-covered yard
Snowflakes falling one by one 
Colliding with my skin
Pricking the back of my neck like frozen arrows
I stand shivering
Wishing you were here,
Watching city buses groan by, 
And as the smell of gasoline is carried away
In a cloud of grey smoke
My arms drawn out beside me trying to reach a hand that isn’t there 
And I’m falling
Hitting the hard-packed ice-covered crystalized-gunk like ground
But I don’t mind 
because this is serenity
Looking up at the constellations stretching left and right like a panoramic picture 
I could dip my fingertips into the inky horizon
Drenching them one by one in paint
And writing poems across the night sky 
Causing a ripple affect of “I miss you”
And I wonder if
Across a shallow sea of distance and drawn out goodbyes
You can see it too

2 - Time by A.H. at What's Life?

Time doesn't last forever
It runs out slowly
The seconds tick by 
Creating a minute that passes soon
While an hour takes a while to make
And passes just as slow

Time will slowly run out
Leaving all of us with
Battered heart
Brused shins
Scars on our arms
Eyes that have seen too much
Or not much at all

Time is not a for sure thing
It can be slow
Or flash by like lightening
Time is just that time
Nothing last
Everything changes

Time . . . is scary 
We all have time limits  
Nothing is forever
We all will end up 
Six feet under
Don't worry we will meet


Blank Page by Chloe Geddes at Walt-Disney-a-Thon!

Well there are lines
but when will words come onto my page
and be mine?
Maybe if I wait long enough
Everything will be fine

How about a story about a cat possibly?
who meets a group of lonely swine…
No, I got it,
an old man who lives in the mines!
…Words are coming to me, I can hear them and they are telling me what to write…
the old man combines
his hands and something so they’re always touching
something like a rock that at his touch shines
Yes, very good
he has a rock that glows and shines
Now he can see, oh goodie for he!
then he’ll stumble upon a pine,
a very tall pine tree indeed
This will be quite divine
he is climbing it now, climbing, climbing, climbing it now!
soon his rock reveals a door with a sign
“To the Surface!” it tells him and he pushes it open
he crawls out but the sunlight makes him blind,
only temporarily,
he soon sees a whole new world but then hears a whine
being the hero, he jumps into the new world with all his might!
fallowing the sound he goes behind…
a boulder! and finds a trapped boy
he ties a near by vine
into a Rope And!
the page is full now,

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