Monday, November 23, 2015

A Walk Home - a poem

I am delirious because I am so tired. I was walking home, words came into my brain, I wrote them down, I put them on the blog. I like their feeling. No editing at all. Whoops

A Walk

 i sit and watch the world until it moves. 
Up and down
We have no ocean but the tide is strong
The flow of people,
Flying up,
Swooping down like birds of pray
Too often a rush 
A cry for help
A study of new things 
Aren't we all bent at the spine 
Like dead leaves and bananas
And Symmetry- like roads and spines and teeth
Cigarette butts like magnets
Pine needles like bows
Tongue fighting to escape my mouth
Pomegranate Chapstick holding it together 
My front yard is paved with marbles

And fallen missiles from heaven above