Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I Have a Disease

*This is sort of my Earth Day post that is only 14 days late but time is relative.

Environmental Guilt is everywhere. You know you've felt it: when you don't recycle every piece of paper from your last semester comp-tech class - or worse, when you throw out a re-sealable plastic bag that could have been washed and re-used. It's that nasty sensation in the bottom of your stomach that occurs when you have to run upstairs to get a clean towel while the hot water's running in the shower. Even using plastic spoons and straws at restaurants makes me feel like I'm ruining the earth even more than I do just by living in a developed country. So to help you all offset your years of murdering our environment thanks to every paper napkin you've ever used, I have some easy peasy tips to help us all become hyper aware of the long term affects of not recycling that yogurt carton AKA how to avoid a severe case of enviroguilt. And maybe all of our combined biodegradable lunch containers will actually make a minuscule difference. Anything helps, right?

So first of all, who doesn't like to listen to music while they're in the shower? So, to conserve water as well as restrain yourself from spending hours in your own personal downpour, create a playlist on your phone/computer with one or two good songs that together will play for about five minutes. Right before you get in the shower, press play, and then you have a automatic timer and your favorite jams, plus you're probably providing your great great grandkids with more clean drinking water.
Secondly, I'd really love to have a recycling bin in my room, so you know if you also have the same aspiration, I say 100% go for it. For one, I feel like it will fit right to the practically-a-John-Lennon-shrine theme.
Secondly, I'll have somewhere to put the links I pull off my days-until-school-is-out paper chain. It's 21 days, if you're wondering. And thirdly, it'd be way easier to just dump all my old papers in a recycling bin that having to carry them haphazardly out to the kitchen every time I reorganize my room, which is a lot. So if you want a personalized recycling bin like me, let me know and maybe I can get it for you for your birthday.
You know what's more annoying than little siblings? When people's sprinklers aren't aimed well and they end up watering the pavement which wastes water and makes a mess. You know what's even more annoying than badly positioned sprinklers?  When people leave the lights on when they're not home/don't need them. Especially while you're out during the day, or if you're home and it's light out, keep those babies switched off. We have windows for a reason.
Next, because Americans can't seem to figure anything out, we don't let people go home for lunch. So we bring them with us and we use endless plastic and paper just for convenience. But, there's a light in the wasteful darkness! It's glamorous: wax paper. It's absolutely great. It's biodegradable and superduper handy for those groggy early mornings. You can wrap your sandwich up in it or buy pre-made bags at the store for snacks and littler things. It's happy crinkly and it gets bonus points cause you get "my lunch is biodegradable" bragging rights.
Lastly, you can share these splendid tips for saving the world with other people so we can all contribute to saving the world in small and somewhat efficient ways that we do mainly to make us feel like not such terrible people.
See you all soon.

Think of how many of these things you can keep out of the landfills!
Photo creds to: Serious Eats

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