Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finally! (Part two)

Okeydokey buddies, here is part two of my long-excused Beatles post. (Or more appropriately, the BAEtles.)

13) Lady Madonna: To be honest I have no idea what's going on this song but it's catchy.

14) Hey Jude: One of my other first favorite Beatles songs, thanks to my summer babysitter Josie who would blast this song in the car with the windows down and we would all scream the "na na na na na na naaa" as loud as possible. Additionally, the only real song I can still play part of after five years of piano lessons.

15) Something: Written by George. Romantic.
 Paul McCartney's Ukelele Tribute to George here
Something in the way she moos

16) Come Together: When we had to dance in PE last year, I convinced my group to dance to this and let me tell you it's extremely hard to count all those "shoops" if you were wondering.

17) Let It Be: Written and sung by Paul, in a time when he was the only one of the band who really wanted to stay together. He had a dream that his late mother, who's name was actually Mary, came to him and told him that it would be alright, and he wrote the song based on the dream. (John wrote a song for his deceased mother as well, Julia.)

18) The Long and Winding Road: It's just one of those absolutely gorgeous songs you play when at the end of movies when you want to make people cry.

19) Strawberry Fields Forever: Feel good playlist! Also there's probably about a 96% chance the guys were a bit impaired when writing this one... Among others. (P.S. I do not encourage or partake in illicit activities)

20) Happiness is a Warm Gun: Also probably about illicit drugs and it will never not be stuck in your head. But I just love it and it's grunge-ness a lot.

21) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: So, as someone noted after the song was released, the letters spell out LSD. But I'll let John explain this one:

Since this version is a bit odd, here's another.

22) In My Life: Sing along, please! Probably the only song I will be willing to sing karaoke to... If I am ever threatened by death to sing karaoke.

23) Ob-la-dee Ob-la-da: This just makes me smile.

24) Across the Universe"Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup"

25) A Day In the Life: Can songs have schizophrenia?

26) Blackbird: Proof that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (I think I saw that in someone's Instagram bio.)

27) I Am the Walrus: Who even knows.

P.S. Af you have a spare two hours you should really really watch Across The Universe (the movie)
 Mamma Mia : Abba :: Across the Universe : The Beatles
Here is Bono singing this song in the movie with wierd inverse colors and such.

Alrighty friends. Thanks for reading!
See you later!


  1. A very spectacular hippie post if I do say so myself! Very Faith-hippie-houseplant-esque🌸👽
    p.s. I appreciated the bad puns

  2. hah the baetles im loling hah