Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Finally! (Part one)

So first of all, I need to apologize. This is a hippie-60's-era blog that had been around since last September and I still haven't done a real Beatles post. (Not counting John/George birthday posts) I'm appalled by myself. So, guess what I'm doing today!!!
Omg if you guess writing about The Beatles, you're right! Did you know that The Beatles had twenty seven number one hits? 27! So I'm gonna be talking about some of them today plus some of my other favorite Beatles songs. (And because all of their songs are absolutely wonderful, this is going to have a part one and part two because the entire thing ended up being about 900 words. And I didn't even do all of the really good ones!)
Okay, let's go!

P.S. Click on the title-links to get to youtube videos

1) Love Me Do: I'd never heard this song before writing this post and at first I thought I was listening to the wrong song because it sounded so much like country (no thanks.) but it turns out it's really catchy because it's still playing in my head.

2) She Loves You: High school gossip 101

3) I Wanna Hold Your Hand: Honestly all I can think of when I hear this song is my sister getting really hyper on a car trip and singing "I want to hold your foot - and drag you halfway across Kentucky" to this tune.

4) A Hard Day's Night: It will never not be stuck in your head. Ever.
(P.S. This is also the name of one of the movies they made which is pretty much entirely based around the shenanigans of Paul's felonious grandpa)

5) Eight Days A Week: The way-more romantic predecessor to 5-ever.

6) Help!: More like Help! We're wearing oversized rain-coat things and gesturing wildly and incomprehensibly with our arm flaps!

7) Yesterday: The anthem of broken hearts. Sing along. You have to.
Listen to the song and you'll get it;)
Image cred to instagram user @live_love_beatles

8) We Can Work It Out: So the video that plays if you click on the link is of Stevie Wonder (who's super fabulous) playing at the White House, and you can see President Obama sitting next to Paul McCartney as they listen to him and oh my gosh it's great.

9) Yellow Submarine: I'd like to thank my 2nd grade teacher, Mr. Call, for having the entire class sing along to this song while playing along on the guitar. Unknowingly, this was the beginning of my hippie carrer.

10) Eleanor Rigby: tears and pretty violin harmonies and tears (another one you have to sing along to)

11) Penny Lane: Feel good, happy music and trumpets

12) All You Need Is Love: true.

Alrighty! Thanks for reading:) Part two coming soon! See you all later!

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