Monday, February 2, 2015

Mini Post - Yes, the Fishies Again.. Also Utahns are ridiculous

Hello Friends!
So last night I was thinking and I couldn't remember what my last post on here was... (that's awkward) so I decided I should do another, but since I swear teachers gang up on students and assign all the giant projects at one time, I currently have no time to write a full post (although one's coming soon and I have another in mind)
the main subject of this mini post is to thank the four of you who voted for the fishies' names (actually very pleased with this turnout) and to announce that the names of our five fabulous fishy friends are:
(only two people voted for Toby but I think it's cute so)

And the second main idea (what a oxymoron) is to talk about the Anti Clean Air Rally that went at the Capital of Utah...
Read it again.
I mean, it is on Huffington Post so you never know how reliable that is but honestly.
Just think about it.
Apparently it was a pretty small crowd that parked their big, gas guzzling trucks around the capital building and revved their engines. (Completely off topic - isn't revved a great word?)
But they caused a traffic delay for a bit. Also they made complete idiots of themselves and are now receiving a lot of criticism on Facebook from environmentalist middle-aged mothers. As they should.
The third main idea is that tea soothes your soul. Go make some tea.
(and also that I'm obsessed with parentheses - Blame Mr. Parker, the parenthetical citations have warped my brain)
And finally:
A thank you to Oregonian-at-heart Karsten for telling me about the most inane rally ever that it's almost laughable
To the HuffPost for telling the world about it
and to Celestial Seasonings for the best tea on earth and if you want to buy some it's called Tiger Tea (actually it's called Bengal Spice but when me and my sister were little we called it tiger tea cause there's a tiger on the front of it and coincidentally, it looks like Raja from Aladdin) (sort of)
Image credits to : Amazon

Image credits to Wikipedia

This mess of misused parentheses and grammatical errors is over.

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