Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mini Post: Cough Drop Wisdom

Hey y'all (I'm sorry) so I'm finally getting over this cold/virus thing that I had and I just wanted to share some of my wisdom from this experience with you.
1) Did you know sometimes when you're trying to fall asleep but you have a cough and you are really trying not to cough so you can go to sleep and you're just trying to like breathe through the coughs, instead your voice makes a little involuntary whimper? Well, neither did I until the other night when I sounded like a very sad sheep with a nasal infection.
2) Wearing the same sweat pants, tee shirt, and sweat shirt for two days in a row is nothing to be ashamed of.
3) Sometimes when you wear the same sweat shirt, tee shirt, and sweat pants for two days in a row and you don't feel like doing your hair, you look like a possibly homeless, male, college-dropout even though you're a teenage girl.
4) NyQuil, throat numbing cough drops, fuzzy socks, humidifiers*, and naps will save your life.
5) Little sisters who use hairspray as air freshener do not help with the air quality in the house so you can't breathe and end up cough-hacking all over the place.
6) The Fosters is a really good binge watch TV show. (2 seasons... 3 days... 45 minute episodes... almost 24 hours)

* Shoutout to the Morrises for letting me borrow their humidifier and in effect saving my life and also for being the best neighbors ever in the universe

best. ever.
Image credit to: Spoilers Guide

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