Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mini-Post: George Harrison and Typing Issues

So I obviously had to do a post because I did one for John and they are the two cutest Beatles so...
Also I'm sorry I'm a bad person because I don't know the Beatles' birthdays without friendly people on instagram to tell me.

Anyways, George Harrison is like the coolest ever. Did you know that after the Beatles, he started a band called The Traveling Wilburys (with other cool people like  Bob DylanJeff LynneRoy Orbison, and Tom Petty) and they all went by pseudonyms to avoid attention just for being famous already? Like how cool is that. Anyways, here's to you, George. You are truly missed. Happy 72nd year!

Paul's supposed to be the cute one, but I think we all
 know who the true cute one is...
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image cred to: Russell Lindsey

also the other day I was playing volleyball in PE (ew) and I hit the ball funky and now I might have broken my second to middle finger on my left hand and this post took so  much longer to write than it should have because I have literally had to chicken peck the whole thing and occasionally I forget and hit my hurt finger down really hard and it hurts soooo bad. Okay bye 

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