Saturday, February 14, 2015

Go Soak Your Head

Hey, so I'm sick.
Which kinda sucks cause it's Valentines Day (Happy Valentine's Day, by the way)
and I had a thing planned but now I'm sick so I don't want to really do anything.
Except take a bath.
And you know what kind of bath is the best bath?
Bubble baths, duh.
So, I encourage you, nay, I strongly encourage you to go take a bubble bath.
There are so many great things about bubble baths, it's hard to list them all. To start, it feels like you're laying in bed because you're warm and comfortable and the bubbles are like a way-more-fun blanket. Secondly, you're getting clean at the same time. Who wants to take a shower when you can sit in a personal mini hot-tub? It's the easiest multitasking you'll ever do. Thirdly, there are so many things you can do in the actual bath, including:
1. Read (currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring)
2. Look through Instagram/Tumblr/Social Media (Snapchat not recommended)
3. Watch Netflix (especially The Fosters and New Girl)
4. Use a kitchen whisk/egg beater to make a lot of bubbles, use these bubbles to:
Make a hat:
balloon hat
bucket hat
ear flap hat
Try a new hairstyle:
teletubbie (no idea what the singular of teletubbies is) horn/headpiece thing of your choice
ringlets (figure it out)
experiment with facial hair
Make some new clothes:
prom dress
mermaid tail
put them in your hands and blow them all over everywhere
make a little cloud puff in your hands and squish it around
become Rudolph the Bubble-nosed reindeer
build a bubble snowman
make yourself an award for being the best bath-taker of the century

See? Can you make yourself a bubble prom dress in the shower? How about journey to Middle Earth? I didn't think so. And even though an average bath uses about 35 gallons, while a 10 minute shower uses about 25, you're in the bath for way longer. Let's say you are in the bath for a half hour. 35 gallons. But if you're in the shower for a half hour, you just used 75 gallons of water. So really, if you're going to spend some time relaxing in hot water, baths are totally a better idea.

If I haven't convinced you yet, I'll bet Lush will. All of their bath things are so delightful smelling, moisturizing, and lovely it will make you want to permanently become a bath convert and swear against showers for the rest of your life. And even though their stuff can be a little pricey, for an occasional treat it's totally worth it. Especially the bubble bars. Plus, there are a ton of recipes you can find online to make your own Lush products for less money. Or just buy your bubble soap from somewhere less expensive. Like from Aura Cacia because they're all natural and just great overall.
My personal bubble bath recommendations: Balsam Fir Bubble Bath from Aura Cacia. Also the A French Kiss bubble bar from Lush so great.

Alright, that's all I have to say today.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Oh also, wash your hands so you don't get sick like me!
<3 Faith

One time, on iCarly, I remember Carly saying, "Why would you take a bath? You just sit there in your own wet dirt!"
Well, Carly, I bet you want a bath nowˆˆ
Image Credits to: iCarly Wikia

Teletubbies = childhood
Image credits to: BBC

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