Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mini-Post: George Harrison and Typing Issues

So I obviously had to do a post because I did one for John and they are the two cutest Beatles so...
Also I'm sorry I'm a bad person because I don't know the Beatles' birthdays without friendly people on instagram to tell me.

Anyways, George Harrison is like the coolest ever. Did you know that after the Beatles, he started a band called The Traveling Wilburys (with other cool people like  Bob DylanJeff LynneRoy Orbison, and Tom Petty) and they all went by pseudonyms to avoid attention just for being famous already? Like how cool is that. Anyways, here's to you, George. You are truly missed. Happy 72nd year!

Paul's supposed to be the cute one, but I think we all
 know who the true cute one is...
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also the other day I was playing volleyball in PE (ew) and I hit the ball funky and now I might have broken my second to middle finger on my left hand and this post took so  much longer to write than it should have because I have literally had to chicken peck the whole thing and occasionally I forget and hit my hurt finger down really hard and it hurts soooo bad. Okay bye 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - A Book Review

Hello friends!
How're you doing today? 
I'm doing pretty well, thanks. 
Okay so today I'm going to be reviewing a book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. It was published in 1970 and became a national best seller (#1 on the New York Times list for 38 weeks) and a cultural icon. I mean, it's about seagulls, but it's cool.


Part One: Jonathan Livingston Seagull loves to fly. Unlike most seagulls who believe their sole purpose on earth is to eat, (this may be a very accurate metaphor for teenagers) he spends days out at sea, practicing flight. He practices glides, dives, aerobatics, and invents new ways to go faster, higher in more control. However, one day his tricks get out of control, and Jonathan accidentally tears through a crowd of feeding gulls, leading to his exile from the flock. Alone, he continues his studies until old age and two mysterious angel-like birds take him through a short, surreal experience to a new flock of gulls.

Part Two: In this new homeland, Jonathan is surrounded by others who understand his desire to fly. Here, he meets his instructor, Sullivan, and the elder of this flock, Chiang. Jonathan continues to build his knowledge of flight, but also his knowledge of his being and existence. Eventually, Chiang, teaches him a new type of flight, in which you just disappear and reappear somewhere else. "The trick was to know that his true nature lived, as perfect as an unwritten number, everywhere at once across space and time." Jonathan masters this art, but begins to think of those back in his old flock, wondering if there are any like him, who also want to fly.

Part Three: In this section, Chiang moves onto his next life. His parting words to Jonathan are, "Keep working on love." Jonathan now passes from student to teacher, returning to his home flock to find students in the outcasts. Jonathan and his students return to the obstinate flock and demonstrate their abilities. Though rejected at first, the other gulls can't help but be amazed by their talents. Finally, as the flock is finally accepting them again, Jonathan's age catches up to him again and he leaves his principal student, Fletcher Lynd Seagull to become a teacher himself.

Alright, so I read this book last year and I didn't really get it but after being inspired again last night by looking though my dad's hippie yearbook, I read it again this morning. It's really short, about 120 pages but with very little text and five pages of pictures spaced about every ten pages apart. This time, I can see why it was such a hit in the 70's. It's all a metaphor about spirituality, what we learn, how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings. Precision flight, for the seagulls, is a gateway to perfection, not by breaking speed limits or creating new tricks, but by reaching heaven, perfection, perfect speed. "'Perfect speed, my son, is being there." It's sort of like Harry Potter's apparation, for my potterheads out there. If you concentrate enough on being an idea instead of a thing, and being in the place you wish to be, you will be. "Overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now." And once you've overcome those, you can work on love and kindness and compassion. Seeing everyone (everybird) for the goodness in each and everyone of them. So, as you can tell, it's a pretty hippie book. Although it could be called light reading, it's not really light on the whole easy-to-understand thing. But if you're up for a surreal, feathery experience, you might want to live it a whirl.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mini Post: Cough Drop Wisdom

Hey y'all (I'm sorry) so I'm finally getting over this cold/virus thing that I had and I just wanted to share some of my wisdom from this experience with you.
1) Did you know sometimes when you're trying to fall asleep but you have a cough and you are really trying not to cough so you can go to sleep and you're just trying to like breathe through the coughs, instead your voice makes a little involuntary whimper? Well, neither did I until the other night when I sounded like a very sad sheep with a nasal infection.
2) Wearing the same sweat pants, tee shirt, and sweat shirt for two days in a row is nothing to be ashamed of.
3) Sometimes when you wear the same sweat shirt, tee shirt, and sweat pants for two days in a row and you don't feel like doing your hair, you look like a possibly homeless, male, college-dropout even though you're a teenage girl.
4) NyQuil, throat numbing cough drops, fuzzy socks, humidifiers*, and naps will save your life.
5) Little sisters who use hairspray as air freshener do not help with the air quality in the house so you can't breathe and end up cough-hacking all over the place.
6) The Fosters is a really good binge watch TV show. (2 seasons... 3 days... 45 minute episodes... almost 24 hours)

* Shoutout to the Morrises for letting me borrow their humidifier and in effect saving my life and also for being the best neighbors ever in the universe

best. ever.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Go Soak Your Head

Hey, so I'm sick.
Which kinda sucks cause it's Valentines Day (Happy Valentine's Day, by the way)
and I had a thing planned but now I'm sick so I don't want to really do anything.
Except take a bath.
And you know what kind of bath is the best bath?
Bubble baths, duh.
So, I encourage you, nay, I strongly encourage you to go take a bubble bath.
There are so many great things about bubble baths, it's hard to list them all. To start, it feels like you're laying in bed because you're warm and comfortable and the bubbles are like a way-more-fun blanket. Secondly, you're getting clean at the same time. Who wants to take a shower when you can sit in a personal mini hot-tub? It's the easiest multitasking you'll ever do. Thirdly, there are so many things you can do in the actual bath, including:
1. Read (currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring)
2. Look through Instagram/Tumblr/Social Media (Snapchat not recommended)
3. Watch Netflix (especially The Fosters and New Girl)
4. Use a kitchen whisk/egg beater to make a lot of bubbles, use these bubbles to:
Make a hat:
balloon hat
bucket hat
ear flap hat
Try a new hairstyle:
teletubbie (no idea what the singular of teletubbies is) horn/headpiece thing of your choice
ringlets (figure it out)
experiment with facial hair
Make some new clothes:
prom dress
mermaid tail
put them in your hands and blow them all over everywhere
make a little cloud puff in your hands and squish it around
become Rudolph the Bubble-nosed reindeer
build a bubble snowman
make yourself an award for being the best bath-taker of the century

See? Can you make yourself a bubble prom dress in the shower? How about journey to Middle Earth? I didn't think so. And even though an average bath uses about 35 gallons, while a 10 minute shower uses about 25, you're in the bath for way longer. Let's say you are in the bath for a half hour. 35 gallons. But if you're in the shower for a half hour, you just used 75 gallons of water. So really, if you're going to spend some time relaxing in hot water, baths are totally a better idea.

If I haven't convinced you yet, I'll bet Lush will. All of their bath things are so delightful smelling, moisturizing, and lovely it will make you want to permanently become a bath convert and swear against showers for the rest of your life. And even though their stuff can be a little pricey, for an occasional treat it's totally worth it. Especially the bubble bars. Plus, there are a ton of recipes you can find online to make your own Lush products for less money. Or just buy your bubble soap from somewhere less expensive. Like from Aura Cacia because they're all natural and just great overall.
My personal bubble bath recommendations: Balsam Fir Bubble Bath from Aura Cacia. Also the A French Kiss bubble bar from Lush so great.

Alright, that's all I have to say today.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Oh also, wash your hands so you don't get sick like me!
<3 Faith

One time, on iCarly, I remember Carly saying, "Why would you take a bath? You just sit there in your own wet dirt!"
Well, Carly, I bet you want a bath nowˆˆ
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Teletubbies = childhood
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Mini Post - Yes, the Fishies Again.. Also Utahns are ridiculous

Hello Friends!
So last night I was thinking and I couldn't remember what my last post on here was... (that's awkward) so I decided I should do another, but since I swear teachers gang up on students and assign all the giant projects at one time, I currently have no time to write a full post (although one's coming soon and I have another in mind)
the main subject of this mini post is to thank the four of you who voted for the fishies' names (actually very pleased with this turnout) and to announce that the names of our five fabulous fishy friends are:
(only two people voted for Toby but I think it's cute so)

And the second main idea (what a oxymoron) is to talk about the Anti Clean Air Rally that went at the Capital of Utah...
Read it again.
I mean, it is on Huffington Post so you never know how reliable that is but honestly.
Just think about it.
Apparently it was a pretty small crowd that parked their big, gas guzzling trucks around the capital building and revved their engines. (Completely off topic - isn't revved a great word?)
But they caused a traffic delay for a bit. Also they made complete idiots of themselves and are now receiving a lot of criticism on Facebook from environmentalist middle-aged mothers. As they should.
The third main idea is that tea soothes your soul. Go make some tea.
(and also that I'm obsessed with parentheses - Blame Mr. Parker, the parenthetical citations have warped my brain)
And finally:
A thank you to Oregonian-at-heart Karsten for telling me about the most inane rally ever that it's almost laughable
To the HuffPost for telling the world about it
and to Celestial Seasonings for the best tea on earth and if you want to buy some it's called Tiger Tea (actually it's called Bengal Spice but when me and my sister were little we called it tiger tea cause there's a tiger on the front of it and coincidentally, it looks like Raja from Aladdin) (sort of)
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This mess of misused parentheses and grammatical errors is over.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Suicide Education in Utah

So I thought it was time for a little more activism around here, so here we are. (Warning, this post is like 400 words over the limit. I'm sorry, I just felt really passionately about this and feel like it was a deserving subject to go so much over on.)

So sometimes people get upset, and sometimes people get depressed, and sometimes people use these words interchangeably. But let me tell you, they are not the same. Upset is sort of temporary, like, "Wow, I didn't win the science fair. I'm upset." But depression is an illness, and it doesn't go away so easily. When people say, "Aw, I didn't win the science fair, I'm depressed," I tell them that they should stop saying that because depression is an illness.

In Utah, we have some of the highest rates of suicide in the country. Due to this, all of the Utahn school districts are required to give at least one hour of suicide education (at least in middle and high schools.) While at first glance, this could actually solve the problem and help the issue, but in fact, the presentation we got was pretty jarring. I've had some experience with depression and suicidal people, and I felt that this presentation would have been unhelpful, maybe even detrimental, even though it meant well. I got so upset about it I even went to the counseling office and talked to them about the issues with it. But since I wanted to get it out there a little more, I'm posting here too.

The presentation included a video, which portrayed two teens who both had depression. One ended up killing herself, the other had a friend who told a teacher, so he lived. There was also a narrated slideshow, and a fact sheet handout.
Issues with this presentation:
1) Gender stereotypes in the video
2) Unrealistic characters
3) Lists of huge statistics of suicide rates, but also emphasized how suicidal thoughts are "not normal."
4) Gave very few resources for either someone who is having suicidal thoughts or someone who knows someone else who is
5) Did not encourage telling parents or help on how to do it

What I think would be much more helpful and effective would be to first of all, have no video, or at least not one with a story. This is so that there isn't even the possibility to have unrealistic characters, gender stereotypes, or "trigger" images or motions. If a video had to be shown, I think it would be better to have an interview-type thing, where real-life people who were suicidal, but lived through it, talked about how they did so. It is infinitely more helpful to know how others got better than how they got worse. This could also emphasize the importance of therapy, and other options for recovery. (Anti-depressants, group therapy, etc.)

Additionally, this presentation gave very few resources, really only giving us the national suicide hotline number and telling us to talk to teachers and counselors. It also emphasized that if you know someone who feels like this, you need to tell an adult. However, telling anyone you are purposely hurting yourself or are depressed is rather touchy subject, and usually the last thing a suicidal person feels like doing. Even if this person has told a friend, they may say things to that friend like, "If you tell someone (ie. parents, counselors, hotline) it will get worse," so the friend feels like they can't tell anyone either. And just telling teenagers to talk to adults is not all that helpful or realistic. What would be better is if the presentation made it more approachable, by having people who students have personal connections to (like teachers) announce that students can talk to them about anything.

Furthermore, I felt the presentation needed to have a lot more resources. I had a couple paragraphs on this, but since I'm already about 100 words over my word count, I'm just going to make a list. These are not only for suicidal people, but also for friends who know someone who is. It can be incredibly difficult and stressful to see someone who is, to you, a wonderful person feel so badly about themselves, not so cut-and-dry as portrayed in the video.

1) Parents. It's imperative to tell parents, whether they have a good relationship with their kids or not.

2) School counselors. They can listen, give advice, don't cost money, as opposed to a therapist, and can help students in telling parents how they feel.

3) Suicide hotlines. Again, not only for suicidal people, but for others who are worried friends are in danger.
Salt Lake City hotline: (801) 261-1442
Summit County hotline: (435) 649-8347
more Utah numbers here.
National lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255 (TALK)
The Trevor Project Hotline (specifically for LGBTQA+ suicidal youth) : 1 (866) 488-7386

4) Friends. If you are feeling this way and haven't told anyone, you need to. Please, please tell a friend. And if a friend has just told you they're suicidal, don't go running to a counselors unless you think they're in immediate danger. Just be there for them, listen to what they have to say, and encourage and help them to tell an adult. Most importantly, take care of yourself. Don't be afraid to talk to a counselor or hotline. They can give you advice, and won't require you to give a name of the person you need help for.

5) 911. If you get into a serious situation in which someone's life could be at risk, or already is, call 911.

6) Me. Watching this presentation made me genuinely scared for everyone in the school. I really truly care about all of you a lot, and especially everyone in my grade. If you're reading this and you need help, please, please, please talk to me. I will listen and I will try help even if I've only ever passed you in the hall. Email me (if you're in the district you know what it is.) If you don't know me, or don't feel comfortable talking to me, talk to another friend, please.

I just wanted to say that I care about every single person in this school. Every single one of you.
I love you,

PS: About the LGBTQA+ deal, Holly wrote a really, really fabulous post and you can read it here.