Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Very Long and Somewhat Confusing Post about The Universe

Hello Again! I hope your breaks were lovely.
Here, finally, is my post on spirituality. I'm sorry it took so long!
 Note: I know you're not really supposed to talk about religion cause it's such a personal thing for some people and wars have been (and are currently being) fought over it and such, but I'm going to anyway. I have no intention whatsoever to offend anyone or their religion or beliefs, and as I will respect your beliefs, I simply ask you will respect mine as well.

I grew up Wiccan/Pagan. I was taught that when people die, they go to The Island of the Apples. Your spirit, consciously, goes and meets the Holy Mother. In a lot of religions, your person goes to heaven or hell. But I think that you would end up with too many people. It's not personal, it seems like there's not enough room to keep all the dead people around. I mean, there's seven billion of us on earth right now and that number is constantly growing, and every single one if us is complex and intricate and has ideas an an accent and a different dental record. In two hundred years, all of us will be dead. To me, saving the personalities of every single person seems like a pretty quick way to use up the universal hard drive. Unless it doesn't have an end, in which case we could just spread our idiosyncrasies all over the cosmos, but A) that seems like intruding on the something that might not want to be intruded upon, and B) when I die, I do not want to be lightyears away from Earth. And even so, if you could hang out forever, would you want to? I don't think I could live with myself. I'd drive myself insane just from being myself for so long. I think anyone would. 

Although this is all very literal. Personally, I don't believe there's any place, heaven or hell or Nirvana (not the band) or the Island of the Apples that you go at all. In my mind, your body and your memory and your personality dies. That part of you, your thoughts, have gone, except, of course, for in the minds of others. (By that logic, though, you live forever through others. Ex: If you die, and people remember you, and they die, and other people remember them, through translation, they remember you. So you could just hang around as long as humans do.) But I think the earth recycles your body. I think the universe recycles your soul. I do not want my soul to be used only once, and I do not feel like this is is it's first time being used. How else do I know so deeply this earth is my home?

Now, I'm not saying that there's not some greater something. I'm not sure that it's actually a god or goddess, as a sentient divinity, so I suppose in that respect I'm somewhat agnostic. I can't see something with humanoid emotions being solely concerned with the affairs of human beings, with the power to affect us, that would create us or permit us having such differentiating and clashing opinions, and make people so devoted to something they would kill one another, kill another human, just for a different opinion or belief. 

On the other hand, though, it's frankly terrifying, in many ways, to just imagine that it's just us. Only us and our stupid emotions and ideas and each other flying through the vast, empty expanses of nothing. It's scary. So I believe, if you could call it believing, in the universe. I think that it's inside of us and outside of us, objectively, creating us and then leaving us to our own, crazy devices. I don't, however, think it cares about us. I don't think it can, as I don't think it has emotions, only power to create them in others, and that's why we can murder each other, because the universe doesn't care what we do here as people, only that our souls are real.

 Whether we like it or not, we are all linked and despite the evil things we do sometimes, we all have souls, for there is something that keeps us hopeful, that gives us a drive to exist when nothing else we know is permanent, and there is such darkness encompassing and surrounding this earth. We must care about each other, because if we do not have each other as a species we have nothing but an endless expanse of something that doesn't care. And I believe that when we die, I think the universe touches our souls and revitalizes them, and returns them to our home again.

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