Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Happy I Don't Know What Death Smells Like

This post is dedicated to John Lennon

Hello friends!
So, over Thanksgiving Break, I visited California to see my grandparents, who live in an old people's home. Contrary to popular belief, it was actually really nice with big windows and good food and it didn't even slightly smell like death. (Besides, how do you even know what death smells like? Have you died? And if so, how did your brain register what it smelled like? And then how, among infinite other issues, did you come back from the dead to share the wisdom with us?) Anyhow, this place was lovely. Seeing my grandma, in complete bliss in her little apartment and meeting all her friends, and my grandpa, completely content and able to sit and read science fiction and enjoy his oreos, made me realize how wonderfully thankful I am.  And really, how fabulous life can be sometimes. So, inspired by Teia, Christmas, The Nutcracker, and thanksgiving, (yes I know it was two weeks ago) here is a list of things that make me happy, and maybe some of them make you happy too.

1) When people say hello to me
I'm really sort of shy, so if you don't say hi to me, I might not say it to you. Especially if we've only talked like once or twice. Or even sometimes if I've known you for years. If you initiate it though, regardless if I even know you or not, I'll say it back, unless I can't hear you over the din of savage teens. Also, you will make my day because I realize that someone knows who I am. Plus its friendly and it might seem really simple to you if you're an extrovert, but to an introvert you're probably giving them a significant self esteem boost and you're groovy.

2) Bead Curtains
I've only know one person who actually has these and they're magical and psychedelic. I think during the two weeks I've got for winter break I'll make some. (I spy a DIY!) Because they're fabulous and they're so mystical and when you go through them it feels like you're walking through a waterfall to a fortune teller and if you've seen my room that is exactly what I want it to be like.

3) Coconut Oil
On anything, with anything, in anything. Here's a short list of things it is used for/in: a healthier substitute for butter, lip balm, sugar scrubs, hair masks, face moisturizer, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, coffee creamer, and diaper cream. Plus it smells like angel's tears. Here's a long list of things it can be used in: 101 Uses for Coconut Oil

4) The ding a typewriter makes when it reaches the end of a line
 It's like an auditory golden star. It's feels like it's saying, "Hey, good job. Look at this achievement. I'm proud of you."

5) How words match in different languages
The words for breakfast in French and English are twins.
English - Breakfast. Break = to stop or end fast = abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink
French - Petit-déjeuner.  = to undo or stop  jeuner = abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink (Petit = little)
 and lunch in French is just déjeuner. See? See how cool that is?
(I'm beginning to consider a career in linguistics)

6) &
The ampersand! I've seen it a lot lately cause it's sort of getting popular. I'm sorry I'm cliche. But it's swirly and it just looks amiable doesn't it? I feel like it's smiling at me.

7) Cloudy days
There is nothing that makes my morning better when I wake up and it's stormy and cloudy outside. It makes it so cozy inside. That is a day to wear a jacket that makes you feel cool and drink hot chocolate/chai tea and re-read the Harry Potter books for the fifth time.

8) Fruit Leather
It's the food of the gods. No other explanation.

9) John Lennon
Thirty-four years ago today, John Lennon died. That does not make me happy. But his life, and his creative genius and his accent and his wit makes me very, very, happy. John, thanks for being wonderful.

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