Sunday, November 16, 2014

Please Don't Hurt Me (Room Inspiration)

Okay, I feel like we're friends here. That's why this is not as creepy as it might be.
Oh my god all the possibilities of axe murderers and felons and burglars are running through my mind. They could figure out the architectural weaknesses thorough the pictures.
Maybe this isn't a good idea.
If you couldn't tell, I have a rather overactive imagination.

If you've read my about page, you may know that (often to the annoyance of my parents) one of my hobbies includes re-organizing the furniture my room. About every six months or so, the wall decorations shift as well. While this means that my walls are scratched and rather porous due to removed thumbtacks and my furniture's screws are a little loose (literally), I don't get bored. Sometimes the arrangements are slightly inconvenient. I'll admit, the "closet bed" wasn't a hit. These flops usually don't last long. Others, like my current configuration, is probably a record length for me, almost eight weeks. 
This current hold doesn't mean that I've given into status quo. Instead of moving the furniture, I've been changing the theme. For the past two years, it's been ocean/beach/nautical themed. But as my inner hippie has become more pronounced, it's been shown through the decor in my room. So in case you're looking for tips on how to change your theme, you can go on Pinterest. Or I guess you can look at what I've done. You know, if you feel like it.

Wall Decor

1) So first of all, you should get some posters. I've got some sort of vintage psychic stuff, a radical John Lennon one, Abbey Road, and that one where The Beatles are just walking down the street. You know the one. 
2) Also, you can put some pictures up on the walls. Make it personal. I had a giant mural of photos for a while, then I had a wash line with clothespins holding up the pictures. Now I've got these sort of photo-booth-row things I made with contact paper. 
3) Plus, if you want to be extra tumblr, (yes it is an adjective) you can get little wall stickers with quotes, or just draw your own if you're into typography and have enough talent to make it look good. I got a giant pack of quotes at Michaels for like $3, cause they were on sale, and I put them all over my room. They're cute and colorful and they interest people.
4) Bulletin boards are also cool for smaller stuff, like student IDs and miscellaneous business cards.

Pictured: Toby Martin, Tabitha, Jane (succulents), John Lennon, vintage palmistry poster,
photo strips, and my real fish, Lillian.

1) Lots of pillows. I found this giant pillowcase in a closet, stuffed two pillows into it, and viola.
2) Add a blanket. Really, extra blankets just sort of slip around while you sleep and don't really keep you warm whatsoever, but they look really cozy.

Pictured: Bulletin Board, pillows, blanket, and The Beatles (you knew the poster
I was talking about)

Table Tops and Surfaces

1) I am really, really awful at taking care of plants, but I got some succulents from Home Depot for $2, and so far they have been thriving! They just need water every two or three weeks and a sunny spot to live. Bonus because they add an earth feng shui element to the space. And they're so cute, you can name them and it's not wierd. Mine are called Jane, Toby Martin, Clint, and Tabitha. 
2) I read once that there was this woman and she had little trinkets and decorations everywhere that were so unique you wanted to ask her where she got everything, because you knew there would be a story behind it. That's what I want my room to be like. For example, the teensie tiny ballet shoe came from when the lost and found got too big at dance and they just put the oldest stuff out for people to take, so I took the little shoe so I could pretend it was mine. Even though I have only been dancing for three years and the shoe is for a four year old. (Contrary to popular belief, I'm older than seven.) Another example is the Adventure Fund. It's just a jar with stray coins and some beads that occasionally fall in the mix, but it's going towards a hippie road trip that will be discussed further in another post.

Pictured: adventure fund, candles, neighbors, etc

Pictured: mini hippie van, ballet shoe, baby Faith, home-made shelf, and Turtle Rock sand.

1) I have this cool lamp thing and these hanging puffball things that look like clouds. It's just whimsical.
2) Also, if you hang up curtains and such around, it makes the edges look softer and more boho.

(The curtainy things are in the background)

Okay, au revoir mes amis!

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  1. Faith Fox Staley,

    I am so jealous. Your blog is so you that is absolutely be'you'tiful. Oh, puns. When I read your posts, I honestly feel like I live right next door to you. You're such an amazingly 'you'nique person. I really must stop with the puns. It is really really addictive to read what your opinions are on such things in the 60's and everyday life. Just keep being you, and I can see you will blossom into this amazing person over the next few years.