Friday, October 31, 2014

Irony and Questioning Society

Ballet is a precise art. Constantly, we strive for perfection: rounded arms, turned-out hips, pointed toes. Which, when added to school, extracurricular activites, and sleep, can be extremely stressful. What started out as a discussion with my mother on the way home from dance about my difficulty dancing en pointe turned into a full-fledged meltdown including a nearly-empty tissue box, sitting in the parked car for forty-five minutes, and a decision that I need a change.

I am what some might consider an overachiever. I get good grades. My goal for the end of each quarter is to have a ninety-five percent or higher in each class. To me, this is simply achievement. This is the standard I hold myself to because I know I am capable of it. However, this standard usually means I have to spend quite a bit of time on homework and studying each night. Often, I end up staying up past ten, being exhausted coming home from school the next day, and procrastinating homework until the later hours of the evening, and staying up too late again. Not to mention getting up at six AM. It's a vicious cycle. But for me, it's obvious where the cycle originates: the internet. Yes, I'm blaming Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Netflix for creating what's commonly referred to as "Procrastination Nation." They create a virtual hand that comes out of the device and pulls you into the cyber-whirlpool while your neglected math homework watches solemnly.

So I'm breaking the laws of teenager-ism: I am going to delete all social media and potentially distracting apps from my phone. They're diverting, and you gain nothing but useless social information from using them.  (She wrote for a blog to be posted on the internet and read by other people to learn information about her. Whoops.) I'm actually extremely excited to do this. I keep picturing not being exhausted in every class, going to bed at a decent hour, and having so much more time to draw, read, paint, etc.

Okay, here's the point: If you're crazy enough, I challenge you to join the rebellion. Just imagine all the free time you'll have! Bonus points because it's a type of self-realization that gets you more in tune with yourself and gives you more time to speculate on the universe or start an activist movement. Let me know if you do in the comments. Join the revolution!

(P.S. I even deleted the part of my About page that said my favorite Netflix shows... I'm committed!)

Total Number of Rebelled People: 2

Image Courtesy to 24-7 Family History Circle

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  1. Faith, this is beautiful and inspiring. I too have joined the rebellion. I love how you use fancy words like en pointe and whatnot. Keep it up! Your writing is quite intriguing. Also, check my blog out, it's about different and unique people like Faith! Here's the url: